Following is a calculator to convert from Horsepower to KW. For related information, see Horsepower References.

Unlike other calculators, the following converts for the three main types of horsepower, rather than just one type. The conversions are done for:

  • Mechanical Horsepower. This is the type of horsepower used for cars and most mechanical machines. Outside of Europe, it is the most commonly used type of horsepower. Each unit of mechanical horsepower is equal to 745.699872 watts or 0.745699872kw.
  • Electrical Horsepower. This is the type of horsepower used for electrical engines. Each unit of electrical horsepower is equal to exactly 746 watts or 0.746kw.
  • Metric Horsepower. In countries which use the metric system, horse power is defined in terms of metric units (75 kilogram-meters/second) and is equal to 735.49875 watts or 0.73549875kw. This type of horsepower is often used in Europe. It is often abbreviated to one of the following: ps (in German speaking countries, as Pferde = horse and Stärke=power), pk (Dutch), ch (French), hk (Finnish), hv (Norwegian/Danish), LE (Hungarian), k/ks (Czech and Slovak), KS (Croatian and Servian), KM (Slovenian), CP (Romanian), KC (Macedonian)

There are other types of horsepower (see What is Horsepower for details and for related information), but they are either for specialist purposes (e.g. tractor pulling power) or largely fallen into disuse (e.g. for steam engines). Consequently, almost all references to horsepower are to one of the three above types. To do an accurate conversion between horsepower and kw (or other types of power), it is necessary to know which of the above types of horsepower one is converting to or from.

The following converter can be used to convert from Horsepower to kw. Simply input the amount of horsepower (see the box in green) in the following form and click the 'Update' button. It will automatically calculate the watt and kilowatt equivalents for each of the three main types of horsepower. For conversions in the opposite direction, click on KW to Horsepower Conversion.


HorsePower (input)
Watt Equivalent Kilowatt (kw) Equivalent Watt (rounded) Kw (rounded)
Mechanical Horsepower
Electrical Horsepower
Metric Horsepower


The last two columns in the above calculator are the same as the preceding two columns, except that the results have been rounded to two decimal places for ease of use.

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