We would be happy to advertise your horse or horse related products. We offer both paid and free advertising.  Please see below for details. Examples of our full page advertisements include:

  • Horse Artist advertisement. A number of equine artists advertise with us, working in mainstream formats (e.g. painting and photography), as well as more specialized (e.g. horseshoe art).
  • Horse for sale. If you have one or more horses for sale, you can give each horse an advertisement such as this one.
  • Horse Hotel. If you offer temporary or permanent stables for horses, you can have an advertisement like this.

If you are interested in our traffic figures, you can see them here.

Free Advertising Option

The free advertising is for people selling horses or horse related products. This includes horses for sale, horse art, horse hotels, horse care products and so on. We are happy to advertise any honest product (no scams !!). We offer a full page advertisement which includes the following:

  • Up to 10 photos
  • Unlimited text
  • Custom designed advertisement. Just fill in a form providing us with the relevant information and we will create the advertisement for you.
  • A link to your website. If you wish, you can include contact details as well.
  • Free Search Engine Optimization. If you have a website, one of the ways to improve its search engine position is links from other websites (such as ours). However, links from 'link pages' provide little improvement in terms of search engine position and also provide little direct traffic. The best links are from pages which are written around your website topic. We design your advertisement so that it gives maximum benefit in terms of improving your search engine position (including relevant URL and META TAGS). 
  • Free Traffic. In addition to designing your advertisement so that it has maximum search engine benefit (see above), we place it in the relevant position on our website so that it will be seen by visitors interested in your product. For this reason, we don't have a single place where we store all advertisements, but rather we custom place each advertisement in an appropriate area. If you check the sample advertisements above, you will see that each includes a visitor counter so that you can see how many visitors your advertisement is receiving.

We offer the above free of charge because we believe in mutual advertising. In other words, if we provide you with all of the above, we ask that in return you place a link to us. Please put the link on a relevant page (not a 'links page', which is just a list of other sites). If you do not have any relevant pages, we would be happy to write a guest article for you an a topic of your choosing.

If you would like to accept this offer, simply contact us and confirm that you agree to include a link on your website (please specify your website URL). If you are not happy with this condition, see paid advertising below.

Paid Advertising Option

The free advertising above requires you to have a website, where you can link to us from. If you do not have a website or are unwilling to link to us, you can have a full page advertisement with all the benefits described above in exchange for payment.

  • To sell a horse privately, the fee is 10 dollars (or equivalent amount in any other currency). You can create your advertisement and pay by clicking here.
  • If you are a breeder who wishes to advertise multiple horses, we can set up an account for you. You can then add, change and delete advertisements for as many horses as you wish. The fee is $50 per year. If you would like an account to be set up, simply contact us and confirm that you are happy with this fee. We will arrange payment and provide your account login details.
  • If you want to advertise a horse related product, please contact us and let us know the type of advertisement you would like to add and your website. Our normal fees are $100 for a full page advertisement (as described above), $200 is you want a clickable link on the advertisement. We only deal with reputable websites.